Julian Müller - Vocals, Guitars & Percussion

Janis Roanka - Bass & Vocals

Joscha Justinski - Keyboards & Percussion

Sebastian Heer - Drums


Band BiogrAphy

The days in which challenging music could trouble the charts are certainly long gone but there'll always be people into music that is more than just some background noise. There'll also always be people who play music you have to listen to. Blackberries are taking that challenge for quite some time now and while remaining a kind of best kept secret in the German Psych and Kraut-Scene the world is beginning to take notice. Their energetic and intense live shows earned them a rapidly growing reputation as one of the most fascinating acts around. Big festivals in America, Canada and even China received the message and invited the band to add their own colour to the mix. While their last album "Greenwhich Mean Time" got praised in magazines like Rolling Stone and one of their American shows got a rave review in Shindig! Magazine they wasted no time to record their third album "Disturbia" which will be out in November 2018 on Unique Records. Their last album was a new start, "Disturbia" is a natural evolution. The experience of hundreds of live shows is all over these nine brilliant new songs that draw on their Kraut- and Psych-Roots but also have a fresh and modern urgency. While the melodic strength still shines bright as one of the key elements, the lyrical themes of these new tunes have become considerably darker. The band is well aware of the dangerous change of political climate. The record reflects these observations in gritty songs about violence, ignorance and loneliness without forgetting the age old but still relevant message of understanding each other and trying to find the "we" in all the "I me mine". So to everyone who likes music that can shake you up and take you places make sure to keep an eye out for these four young men who call themselves Blackberries.